Across The Border – Drugs in Texas

In the United States, the opiate epidemic is rampantly spinning out of control. Heroin is being sold on every street corner in every city, in every state. Some places are worse than others. Here we have a young couple pulled over for what seemed to be a case of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). State police were amazed at what was actually discovered in the vehicle. Are you ready to find out?

The Pass To The North

Addicts can find drugs everywhere and anywhere. Some places are easier than others. One of these places that have a readily available stash of illegal substances is El Paso, Texas. If you can’t find what you are looking for in El Paso, just across the border is Ciudad Ju├írez, Mexico.

The closeness results in El Paso being dubbed as “The Pass To The North”. A city that is known to be full of stash houses occupied by dealers bringing illegal drugs across the border from Mexico until they are shipped out to large cities across the United States.

The Pawns In The Game

These illegal drugs are then transported to cities across the nation. The top dealers in the drug game do not want to get caught transporting drugs so, they find drug addicts to do the hard work while they reap the benefits.

Two of these willing pawns in a much bigger drug enterprise was Stephanie Kuntz and her boyfriend Glen Acer. This couple are heroin addicts paid an unknown amount of heroin to transport these drugs from Texas to Florida. Unbelievably, these two addicts did not even make it out of the state of Texas before being pulled over and arrested by Texas State Police.

Under Arrest

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Kuntz and Acer were traveling on Interstate 10 just outside of El Paso, Texas. Their vehicle was not even driving the speed limit which caught State Tropper Danson’s attention. He did not pull the vehicle over immediately. He followed two cars behind to make sure that his suspicions were verified.

Not two minutes later, the vehicle being driven by Acer started swerving viciously across the interstate. Tropper Danson has made over two dozen arrests near El Paso, Texas for drunk driving so, this came as no surprise. What he found was a surprise.

Trooper Danson attempted to pull over the vehicle which did not stop. He immediately called for backup fearing there would be a chase. He was not prepared for what happened next. The Chevy Impala being driven by Acer started slowing down and then completely stopped.

Danson repeatedly asked the occupants to step out of the vehicle. Neither of the two occupants replied. Suddenly, the driver’s head fell forward and the Impala’s horn began beeping. Danson walked slowly to the vehicle after backup arrived.

The passenger, Kuntz was passed out with a needle in her arm. The driver, Acer was passed out on the steering wheel. Trooper Danson shook Acer who groggily woke up. Then, Kuntz awoke too. Unsure of what was happening. Danson stated, “The two suspects were extremely high and had no clue what was unfolding”. When the couple understood what was happening. They fought with the police about having a valid reason to search their Chevy Impala.

The search did proceed with dogs and both Kuntz and Acer handcuffed. The trunk was then opened and inside officers found three dozen coffee cans. Upon opening the cans, they were, in fact, full of coffee. Although, coffee was not the only substance that the police found. Hidden in the coffee grinds were 345 bricks of heroin.

Acer and Kuntz were arrested and taken to the state police barracks for questioning. They did a little too much of the product they were delivering and it led them to be caught. The couple is being charged with driving under the influence, possession of narcotics, intent to deliver, plus numerous felony counts.

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