The Porn Police

Do you think it’s fair that the FBI arrests people in assume that there guilty to the point where the accused has to be proven innocent? Of course you don’t. And neither will any American who has their head on screwed right.

What’s going on all over the country is that the FBI are busting into people’s houses kicking in doors down and taking their computers and accusing them of viewing child porn when, in many cases, nothing of the such occurred.

Personally I don’t view porn other than on rare occasions, and when I do, it’s adults.

However, like I said, I’m not a big time porn viewer so I really don’t know much about all of the links and the other traps that are set to get you caught up by the police.

Basically, what happens is if you view porn that has any known hash values, a hash value is a digital signature for Internet media that can be used to identify a piece of content on a computer or on the Internet, you could be committing a crime.

So if you are person who likes to view porn on the Internet, stop.

A Justified Shooting of Michael Brown Is What Happened in Ferguson, Missouri

If I’m a cop, and I am trying to stop a suspect, who then wants to attack – me I’d shoot him. There have been a number of police killings in which the police officer was killed with their own weapon. Stefan Molyneux offers a well thought out review of the situation in which the young thug known as Michael Brown was justifiably shot by the Ferguson police officer after he committed the felony offense of strong armed robbery and assault on a police officer.


In my days I’ve seen a number of my friends, family members, and over loved ones get involved with the criminal justice system for one reason, mistake, dumb decision, or another. Whether it’s because Bobby slapped his wife for the 5th time, or if lil’ bad ass John Boy got busted with marijuana in his possession for a third time, no one is perfect and even the best among us can end up in trouble with law from time to time.

I even knew a NASA astronaut who drove from Texas to Florida in a loved crazed rage, non-stop, wearing a diaper to save on trip time. (I bet those shorts were nasty when they came off.)

The Law is Equalizing

For example, take this one lawyer who got in trouble for a DWI and had his law license suspended for brief time, and another lawyer with a similar background who has never had any negative skirmishes with the law. Both of these men are proverbial angels, but sadly, one made a mistake, was busted for it, and damn-near lost his whole career, and the other has never seen a law enforcement officer outside of a courtroom unless he was cross-examining the officer in a criminal trial on behalf of a client.

The Alleged Meth Cooking Scientist

There was even a Rice scientist who had a run-in with police at his home. The reason the police showed up was because they got a tip from an informant that there was a meth lab operation underway on the scientist’s property. Alleged Meth Lab Scientist

However, there was a catch to this arrest. Rather than a routine drug bust taking place, a few hours before a planned police raid a fire broke out on the premises and the fire department was called in.

While the Houston Fire Department was extinguishing the blaze on the far end of the property in a guest house, they realized that they were indeed extinguishing the remains of what once was a fully functioning meth lab.

The police were called and they wasted no time in arresting the scientist. Here’s where it gets good; the scientist rented the guest house out to a raunchy “biker type” couple and he was on the property only a few times per week, rent was never late, and he had no reason to bother the people, thus not being the wiser as it relates to a full blown meth lab operating on the property.

After his lawyer finished making fools of the Drug Task Force he was released from police custody and the charges dropped pending a full investigation by the internal affairs division of the law enforcement agency in question.

Law Is A Great Equalizer

If you’re not a billionaire, bank CEO, government subsidized drug lord, or politician, you must obey the law or be jailed for your crimes. With the growing corruption in governments worldwide, its important to note that law is being increasingly used to oppressed those who are least likely to have to capability of defending themselves. However, there are a number of criminal defense lawyers in Houston who are willing to represent and defend the rights of the accused so don’t panic.