Be Responsible – Summer Is Party Season in Houston, TX

In a city like Houston, with its nearly perfect year round weather, summer is the epicenter of partying, heat waves, criminal activity, and DWI arrests. Although driving while intoxicated is a serious public safety threatening criminal offense, most people who end up behind the wheel of a vehicle intoxicated after partying aren’t criminals, and certainly aren’t into committing any unlawful offenses. But, it (criminalized DWI arrests) happens.

Prevent DWI Arrests By Knowing Your Limit!

If you know your personal drinking limit, then likely you can enjoy the party life without risking a misdemeanor or felony DWI arrest on the way home from a fun night out. There are a number of blood alcohol calculators on the web that a person can use to find out their blood alcoholic limit which can help you to better manage your alcoholic intake.

By keying in factors like your weight, height, and the number of drinks you intend to ingest, you can find out ahead of time what your personal limit is for alcoholic beverages, and help to prevent violating your personal legal blood alcohol level.

This is especially important if you intend on operating a motor vehicle in the state of Texas. Being intoxicated is one thing, but being intoxicated and in a situation to where you feel you have to operate a motor vehicle, for the sake of making it home, is another. According to one DWI lawyer I know, who has a main office in Galveston, TX, this is commonly the case with people who get arrested for DWI’s as a result of a routine traffic stop. These good people are usually guilty of nothing more than being casual drinkers who may have unintentionally over-partied and made the common mistake of thinking they were in good enough condition to drive.

These are people who were pulled over during a routine traffic stop by police, and were alleged to have been drinking, or driving while intoxicated, by the law enforcement officers on the scene.

Any Houston DWI attorney will tell you that alcohol, in its natural state, has no odor. With that said, there’s no way an officer can assume you’ve been drinking based on the “smell of alcohol”, and expect it to hold up in court as evidence of the defendant’s guilt.

What To Do If You Are Suspected of DWI if Houston or Galveston

  • Remain calm during the traffic stop, and don’t argue with the police officer.
  • You don’t have to answer questions about your lifestyle or comings and goings to the officers.
  • Whatever you do, don’t take any field sobriety tests, blow into any breathalyzers, or empty your pockets. This action, on your part, isn’t required by law.
  • If the police ask you any questions about drugs or alcohol, politely tell them you don’t know anything about that subject, or that you won’t be able to answer their questions.

The chance of going to jail in the Houston-Galveston area is high, but that may be the price you have to pay if you are caught driving while intoxicated by Houston area law enforcement officials.

Regardless of your innocence or guilt, you may have to take that ride to the Harris or Galveston County jail. Once you bond out of jail, be sure to hire a Houston DWI attorney before too much time passes. At which point, your attorney will be able to give you the best advice on how to handle matters related to the DWI case going forward. Your lawyer may even ask you to prune or delete some of your social networking accounts to keep your character from being blindsided at trial.

If you’ve been arrested for a DWI in Houston, Galveston, or League City, facing a court date, and don’t know what to do, contact a DWI attorney who can help you deal with the matter and fight to beat the charge in the court of law.

Talk with an Attorney If You’re Arrested for DWI in Houston, Texas

The Porn Police

Do you think it’s fair that the FBI arrests people in assume that there guilty to the point where the accused has to be proven innocent? Of course you don’t. And neither will any American who has their head on screwed right.

What’s going on all over the country is that the FBI are busting into people’s houses kicking in doors down and taking their computers and accusing them of viewing child porn when, in many cases, nothing of the such occurred.

Personally I don’t view porn other than on rare occasions, and when I do, it’s adults.

However, like I said, I’m not a big time porn viewer so I really don’t know much about all of the links and the other traps that are set to get you caught up by the police.

Basically, what happens is if you view porn that has any known hash values, a hash value is a digital signature for Internet media that can be used to identify a piece of content on a computer or on the Internet, you could be committing a crime.

So if you are person who likes to view porn on the Internet, stop.

A Justified Shooting of Michael Brown Is What Happened in Ferguson, Missouri

If I’m a cop, and I am trying to stop a suspect, who then wants to attack – me I’d shoot him. There have been a number of police killings in which the police officer was killed with their own weapon. Stefan Molyneux offers a well thought out review of the situation in which the young thug known as Michael Brown was justifiably shot by the Ferguson police officer after he committed the felony offense of strong armed robbery and assault on a police officer.